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Millard Public School Calendar Holidays 2022-2023

Here you can find out Millard Public School Calendar for the year 2022-2023. If you are studying or teaching in the Millard Public Schools then do check out the calendar here and download it. The purpose of using a school calendar is to keep a check on the major holiday dates, exam dates, first/last day of school, starting/ending of the semester, etc. Planning for academic work becomes easier once you have a school calendar to follow. Below you can see links to download a school calendar in a pdf format.

Millard Public School Holidays 2022-2023

You need to check out the table below to see Millard Public Schools for the years 2022-2023. Please note that only the major holiday dates are mentioned here, check out the next section for the complete calendar.

School HolidaysStartsFinishes
First Day of SchoolWed, 10th Aug 2022
Fall BreakWed, 12th Oct 2022Fri, 14th Oct 2022
Thanksgiving BreakWed, 23rd Nov 2022Fri, 25th Nov 2022
Christmas BreakWed, 21st Dec 2022Wed, 4th Jan 2023
Mid-Winter BreakWed, 15th Feb 2023Mon, 20th Feb 2023
Spring BreakMon, 3rd Apr 2023Fri, 7th Apr 2023
Last Day of SchoolThu, 25th May 2023

2021-2022 Major Dates

School HolidaysStartsFinishes
First Day of SchoolWed, 11th Aug 2021
Fall BreakWed, 13th Oct 2021Fri, 15th Oct 2021
Thanksgiving BreakWed, 24th Nov 2021Fri, 26th Nov 2021
Christmas BreakWed, 22nd Dec 2021Tue, 4th Jan 2022
Mid-Winter BreakWed, 16th Feb 2022Mon, 21st Feb 2022
Spring BreakMon, 4th Apr 2022Fri, 8th Apr 2022
Last Day of SchoolFri, 27th May 2022

Millard Public School Calendar 2022-2023

Important Links:

Calendar Link: Download Calendar in PDF

School Website:

About Millard Public Schools

As per Wiki: The Millard Public Schools is a school district in the southwest part of Omaha, Nebraska, United States. Millard is the third largest district in Nebraska. The district currently as high schools: Millard North High School, Millard West High School, Millard South High School, and Millard Horizon High School.

More Information

If you are studying or teaching in the Millard Public Schools, you should definitely check out the school calendar, download it, and take the print-out for your use. Grab a school calendar from here and start using it.

A school calendar comes in handy when it comes to planning or scheduling school work. As a student, you must be having a lot of things to take care of and it becomes essential to have some sort of work planner with you, otherwise, it would be too much difficult to accomplish your work goals or objectives. A well-made work plan keeps you motivated and focused on work.

Important Note: It is advised to keep a check on the school’s official website to see if there is any modification or revision in a school calendar. Check or consult the official school website for any amendments that may occur in a school calendar.

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